Welcome to Excel Group of schools

The Center of Learning

Welcome to Excel Group of schools

The Center of Learning

Welcome to Excel Group of schools

The Center of Learning

Welcome to Excel Group of schools

The Center of Learning

About Us

The Excel Group of Schools consists of the Excel Central School (ICSE& ISC), the Excel Global School (IGCSE & A Level) and the Excel Higher Secondary School (Tamil Nadu State syllabus). The Excel Central School was started in 1999 with a strength of only three students. It grew luxuriantly like a banyan tree in course of time. Today it has a strength of nearly 3000 students. The Excel Global School was started in 2009 and the Excel Higher Secondary School in 2011. The three schools have a combined strength of around 4000 students. The founder of the three schools is Dr C. SreeKumar, a Doctorate degree holder in Industrial Economics from the University of Madras and a doyen of education and a visionary.

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" Chairman

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. I was impelled to start an educational institution in a rural area mainly because of the disparity between the urban and rural areas, especially with reference to education. I was born and brought up in an agrarian family in a bucolic village, in Kanniyakumari District.

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Overview of Excel Group of Schools

Vision and Mission

We provide a nationally and internationally recognized educational programme to develop global citizens who can achieve full development of their potential as critical thinkers and life long learners exhibiting through their character and values. Our vision is to make them committed to their community and nation, as well as demonstrate personal integrity which will enable them to meet the challenges of change.

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Built in 2009, the school employs the latest models in optimizing the student education environment.We provide state of the art education facilities. Some of them include: ‘Interactive-Board’ in every classrooms, one computer for each student in the computer lab, research computers in the library, integrated multimedia music room, wi-fi enabled ‘A Level’ Classrooms, large dance halls, music hall, tennis courts, large 6 lane swimming pool and a 200 meter racing track.

Our ClassRoom

Today’s students are residents of the digital world. As we come to rely more and more upon technology in our lives, we look to our younger generations and realise that they need to be more than just proficient in understanding and using modern technologies if they are to succeed in life.The EGS campus is an entirely technologically integrated learning environment. Our classrooms are equipped with DLP projectors, computers, etc..








"I feel really proud to have a school with all the facilities of a cosmopolitan city in a village like Thiruvattar."

Dr. Cherian Phillip MBBS, MD.

"EGS is an educational system with all the infrastructural facilities of Western education and the cultural integration of Indian society. It's a rare combination."

Dr. Nanda Mohan. PhD. Retired Professor and Head of Department of Future Studies, University of Kerala.

A deep-rooted tree which bends down to me every time I wanted to taste its fruits. But one day when it grew so tall that it couldn’t bend down, a few godly hands that thrust out of the soil lifted me up to its fruits- my most beloved teachers. Excel Central School has been the most perfect choice of my parents. Since my KG to my twelfth grade, I have been through a lot of opportunities which any ordinary village boy couldn’t even have dreamt about. My school is in everyway responsible for what I am today and I am so very grateful to the management and my dear teachers for the efforts they have taken to mould me to what I am today...

- Anandhu Krishna J S