Excel Central School

Choosing the right school for our children is not an easy task. This is why we believe that the first step of the admission process should be to visit our school and get a feel for the ECS setting and friendly environment.



Realising the present need of innovative nursery education and the parents’ strong desire for a reliable educational institution for their children, we have implemented a new concept of education and created the Excel Pearls Nursery School (EPNS). The separate wing on the main campus named Excel Pearls Nursery School caters all essential learning environment for the children of the age group from 2½ years to 5½ years. (i.e., Pre-KG, LKG, UKG)


Parents can get the prescribed application form from the school office. The duly filled application should be submitted to the school office.


  • Fill the placement form
  • Submit the duly filled in placement form in the reception
  • Admission desk will arrange an appointment with you, for one to one counselling session
  • A diagnostic test will be scheduled for higher standards
  • Following the test, the candidate may or may not be called for a personal interaction session depending on the test results. If the candidate is selected, the candidate and the parents will be called to the school for interaction
  • Minimum fee payment to block the seat
  • Meet all financial obligations


Tuition fee should be paid on monthly basis i.e., before 7th of every month. A fine of Rs. 5/- per day in case of default payment, will be charged.


Withdrawal of children during a school year is generally not allowed. However, if a student is to be withdrawn for any reason, twelve calendar months of notice must be given. In case of withdrawal without notice, all the dues for the above noted period will be charged.


2½ years (2 years 6 months): Pre-KG on 30-05-2019
3½ years (3 years 6 months): LKG on 30-05-2019
4½years (4 years 6 months): UKG on 30-05-2019
5½ years (5 years 6 months): I on 30-05-2019
6½ years (6 years 6 months): II on 30-05-2019
7½ years (7 years 6 months): III on 30-05-2019
8¬½ years (8 years 6 months): IV on 30-05-2019
9½ years (9 years 6 months): V on 30-05-2019
10½ years (10 years 6 months): VI on 30-05-2019
11½ ¬years (11 years 6 months): VII on 30-05-2019
12½ years (12 years 6 months): VIII on 30-05-2019
13½ years (13 years 6 months): IX on 30-05-2019
14½ years (14 years 6 months): X on 30-05-2019
15½ years (15 years 6 months): XI on 30-05-2019

Kindly attach the following items with your application form

  • 1. A copy of your Aadhar card
  • 2. Original birth certificate
  • 3. Identification certificate
  • 4. Health card (will be given by the school)