Edu Clubs

Introduction to Edu Clubs

That to give a high quality education to rural children is our aim. The motivating factor is the belief that children are God’s endowments on us, and that we are duty bound to raise them with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and love. Such discernment is to be imparted from generation after generation. It is for this purpose the Excel Group of Schools System has instituted the eleven fold Club system. This has been Sub-divided in to two branches. One is functional and the other is political. The functional aspect of the club system refers to the programs of the clubs. The political aspect of the clubs refers to the structure, constituency and bureaucracy. It is an administrative hierarchy rather than political supremacy or hegemony. The norms, rules and regulations have been laid as articles of the constitution of the club system. The politics of the club system give the students the opportunity to understand the democratic principles and procedures. This is to encourage and guide the students to participate in the electoral process by which they can compete and establish their leadership. They do have that potential and the club’s objective is to make them aware of their own potential for political participation and leadership.