Early Years Division - Preschool (Pre-KG, LKG and UKG)

Pearls Nursery School is our pre-school wing. At pre-school level, we focus mainly on reading and mathematics programmes. Our Curriculum is designed to foster strong development of these core skills whilst also emphasising the importance of music, games and play at this stage in a child's education. The combination of core classes and other activities allows our teachers to really get to know every child as an individual, enabling us to better support their development from an early age. The different areas of our childhood Curriculum includes
The school also boasts an integrated multimedia music room, large dance halls, a music hall, tennis courts, large 6 lane swimming pool and a 200 meter racing track.

  • Early detection and correction of Emotional and social intelligence problems by our R&D wing.
  • Learning pattern of the child on 5 basic phonemic skills with sounds.
  • Learning pattern through sight-wording exercises and other cognitive developmental skills.
  • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills through field-based activities.
  • Encourage analytical thinking through sorting and other related plays with fun.
  • Parentalcontacts for promoting child -learning practices for personality integration.