Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are highly valued at ECS, not only as a welcome release from the academic programme, but as an integral part of our Three A's approach. Our students' sporting achievements have led both teams and individuals to compete in district, state and national competitions. Amongst our most popular sports are running, swimming, volleyball and basketball. We are also proud to have a number of very promising chess players within our student population, and our school is visited twice weekly by a local chess master.

We strive to broaden the students' cultural horizons both inside and outside the classroom at ECS. Some of our recent events have included:
⋅ In 2010, we completed the world's largest finger painting. The 2,505 square metre work of art was created by 4,367 students, staff and parents and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest finger painting ⋅ Our students recently conducted a video conference with the British politician Mike Weatherly. The students posed questions on UK foreign policy and UK/ India relations to Mike at his parliamentary office in London. ⋅ Every year the school organises a "Curriculum Extravaganza" to promote science and technology in rural India through an exhibition programme based in the school.