Research & Development

Our Research and Development Centre, headed by Dr SreeKumar himself, is responsible for ensuring that our academic Curriculums and teaching strategies bring the best out of each and every one of our students. Their key areas of work are:

  • The design and implementation of learning strategies
  • Ongoing training for teachers, through in-service programmes, workshops and seminars
  • Provision of learning and counselling services to students with special educational needs
  • Monitoring and evaluating academic standards and school resources.

At ECS, our students provide us with questions, not just answers

ECS focuses upon delivering a value-based learning programme, where students are genuinely encouraged to generate their own ideas, use their own imagination and think independently. Creativity is also fostered from a young age. It is our belief that, by allowing students to develop in this way, we can provide them with the academic and personal skills to succeed both in school and in their future endeavours.