All-Round Excellence and the "Three A's Approach"

Our broad and balanced Curriculum is based on the "Three A's Approach." This comprehensive programme enables our students to reach their full potential in all spheres of school life, and fully prepares them to excel in their future careers.


Focus on core subjects provides students with the intellectual foundations they will rely upon for their whole lives.


Health and well-being is greatly important to us. At ECS, our students develop a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.


Creativity, individuality and critical thinking are encouraged in all aspects of our Curriculum. We firmly believe that this will allow all our students to reach their full potential. The Three A's are aimed at all-round excellence. By following this approach in all aspects of our school life, we enable our students to become confident and independent thinkers with the ability to succeed in all walks of life.

"ECS has an educational system with all the infrastructural facilities of Western education and the cultural integration of Indian society. It is a rare combination."
                      Dr Nanda Mohan, PhD,
Professor and Head of Department of Future Studies,
University of Kerala