About EGS

              Excel Global School is an International curriculum based educational institution opened in July 2009. We currently have students from the local area and from other parts of India. EGS is located in Thiruvattar, Tamil Nadu, India.

               The school is located in a beautiful landscape surrounded by trees and wet lands. The 8 acre campus has been designed to complement our curriculum to international standards. Excel Global School is the optimum environment for 21st century education in India, where every aspect of the learning process is supported by modern technology and expert faculty. Our curriculum is based on the ‘Cambridge International Examination Framework’. Majority of our school staffs have overseas experience in various international schools and institutions including those who had over 15 years of experience across the world. These teachers bring years of teaching expertise that eventually got trasmitted to other teachers.

               We believe that classes should be open and interactive. Our class room strength never exceeds 20 students. Keeping classroom strenghth limited enable us to individualized care to all. Our ideology is,‘educating students in a relaxed attentive environment with activity based learning and positive reinforcement.’ We also have regular visiting faculty from other countries. This enables our students to have interaction and exposure to strange and unfamilier culture and life-styles. Most of our volunteers are from the US, and UK. We also get volunteers from other countries like France, Korea, and Finland.