Message From the Chairman

               While I was doing my Doctoral Degree at the University of Chennai, the educational facilities and placement opportunities for the urban population shocked me greatly. I was deeply touched by the educational facilities denied to the rural population in areas such as Thiruvattar and other remote villages of Tamil Nadu. This philanthropic concern for the rural population of India motivated and enabled me to contribute something to the improvement of educational facilities in rural areas through creating a replicable model of schooling with quality education.

               In fact, the curriculum content and learning process envisaged in the Cambridge syllabus at EGS is a research-proven scheme which is designed to generate a lot of career opportunities and relative life styles for the students. However, our village people are still unaware of the cumulative gains from the Cambridge or other international accredited bodies of education. I therefore made some demystification campaigns to enlighten the beneficiaries of EGS on the merits of this education, and my efforts had some impact on the attitude of the parents..

               The student-centered teaching methodology followed by Excel Global School is scrutinized by our research wing. Each child is endowed with the task of developing Multiple Intelligence skills through our calibration training programmes. The achievements of Excel Global school are increasing day by day. I am expecting the cooperation of a more enlightened rural community to enjoy the benefits of International schooling in rural areas.

               The retrospective status of this school is a matter of well-qualified and committed teachers working to fulfill my vision of research-based interventions at all levels of school education. Thus I have devoted my life-style towards achieving this vision by updating and disseminating my knowledge and resources in the field. I have been committed to the all round development of the child from the pre-school level onwards. I strongly believe that the students of this school should be the producers of knowledge and skills and not only the consumer of knowledge. The logical reasoning capacity of the children need to be potentiated through research-based learning methodology without which they could not confront the challenges of real life situations. If few students of this school could access with International Scientific Community in terms of toppers in any field of specialization in Academics, Science & Technology including the Nobel Prize winners, I will consider myself as self –actualized in my mission towards the welfare of the rural communities in India.

               I am totally opposed to disciplinarianism in general. It adversely affects the intellectual, emotional and social development of children. Therefore, our school follows the principles of Democratization, Accountability and Sustainability.

               I am very much obliged to the parents and local community for providing me with all their support enabling me to materialize my vision and mission for rural school education and development in India.

– DR. SREE KUMAR M.A., M.Phil., PhD.,