Welcome to EGS

               EGS is an international co-educational institution that delivers the highest standards of education and life skills training available in Southern India today. The school is affiliated to the prestigious Cambridge University in England, which is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the world.

               Our school delivers a holistic learning approach to learning that includes a highly diverse range of teaching practices such as: problem based learning, case studies, performance tasks, service learning and apprenticeship programmes. Students here acquire a solid educational foundation based in a deep understanding of spoken and written English through reading and evaluating a whole host of different materials. Special consideration is also given to mathematics where students will become highly proficient in areas such as sequencing, patterning, mechanics, arithmetic, applied statistics and geometry.

               The nucleus of our learner-focussed approach is to enable students to draw explicit connections between their teachings in school and how to apply this education outside of school along their chosen career path. The multi-dimensional learning domain at EGS aims to develop each discipline in a cumulative manner to produce well-rounded thinkers. This grounding affords our students the ability to expand their conceptual bases for future learning.

               It is our chairman's aim to provide international standards of education to the rural communities of India. Excel Global School is equipping the youth of our communities with the education they deserve.