Pre-schooling/Bridge Courses (Pre-KG, KG1, KG2)

We are committed to the all-round development of our young students during the pre-school years. The focus at this young age is not merely in laying the academic groundwork that our students will need in the years to come. Beyond giving our youngest students a solid academic introduction we also strive to nurture their emotional and social development needs. Students of this age need warmth, joy and laughter in their classroom and we create this atmosphere by using teaching techniques that utilise games, music, sports and creative activities. Our specially trained teachers work to bring out the best in our young students coordination, vocabulary and understanding of the fundamental principles of language and mathematics.

The research department of our school monitors the progress and specific needs of each student, and where necessary will intervene to help any students who are having any difficulties in certain areas. The range of support on offer is as wide ranging as extra grammar tuition to advice on nutrition intake. All these measures are put in place to ensure our students’ are fully prepared for the Cambridge International Primary Programme.